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Each year our story is presented to a select class of NFL players as part of the Entrepreneurship Program taught at the Harvard Business School.

This case study underscores the commitment to our professional athletes and the achievement of their entrepreneurial goals.

Click here to download the     Harvard Business School     Case Study

Urban Renaissance Real Estate Development Group
Urban Renaissance Group ("URG") is the wholly-owned real estate development subsidiary of LEGACY GROWTH PARTNERS. URG’s mission is to deliver profitable, high-quality mixed-use buildings that revitalize communities.

Our Development Strategy
  • Focus on Transit Oriented Development ("TOD") communities

  • Build grass-roots support through partnership with existing residents, government officials and new and existing businesses

  • Produce efficiently designed buildings resulting in significantly lower cost to build and higher revenue per square foot

  • Maximize the use of certain programs to provide access to favorable long-term financing and government grants and tax credits

Philadelphia; Uptown Cultural District
The North Broad Street Path of Development is located within the Uptown Cultural District of Philadelphia, PA
(the “Development”).

 "The Development consists of a group of non-adjacent buildings located between Temple’s University’s Medical School and The Undergraduate Campus spread over
six phases."

URG successfully completed the first phase of this development in the first quarter of 2010. This ten-unit structure was the first investment in this area for over a decade proving that high-quality manufactured housing could transform the Urban Cultural District’s urban blight to urban beautiful at below traditional costs.

URG has established strong relationships with local and state officials and received support to proceed with additional phases, approval from City Council members, and have secured long-term financing.

 "With Philadelphia as the first geographic market, URG believes its unique and differentiated development footprint can be leveraged to several other cities in the country."

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